Client testimonials

"Thank you! I don't know what you did but since seeing you I've had a big clearout of my house and other incidents have happened which have made me think that I am in a more positive place." Anonymous, Nov 2011, 2 weeks following 25 minute session in Investment Bank

"Thank you for my session. I found it very useful. I am not sure of the full impact yet but I do feel more confident and positive about handling the issue discussed. Thanks again." Anonymous, Nov 2011, 1 week following 25 minute healing in Investment Bank

“Put it this way, last week I arrived in tears and left laughing. If Mimi can do that to me whilst I'm ridding my body of cancer, then it's worth seeing what she can do for you. It's helping me every step of the way. ”

Issy, Facilities Manager

“For me, one session was enough to feel more positive and release pain of some recent events. Two more sessions and I covered a whole lot more 'stuff' I didn't even know was there. I feel like a new person and am ready to move on.”

Anna-Clare, Media

“Thank you for another amazing Theta session. I really feel like I am starting to let go and move forward. I am definitely more balanced and peaceful.”

Danielle, Fertility Specialist

“I have had a few sessions with Mimi. She is really intuitive and quickly able to find the root cause of issues. She has helped me with a range of confidence and relationship issues. I also had a very swollen ankle which I'd had for quite some time. I would never have believed that I could heal something so physical through verbalising my feelings. But one hour later it was visibly much less swollen and after 10 days it was completely gone. Mimi is excellent at what she does. If you have an issue, I say go for it. It has worked for me.”

Helen, School Teacher

“I originally sought healing for stress relief, relaxation and emotional help. I tend to have a session when I feel out of sorts or want to steady my emotions. I have generally found that after each session I feel great - more relaxed, more balanced and certainly more productive. Mimi has the ability to really put people at their ease, I feel completely comfortable confiding in her and I will be having more sessions.”

Abbie, PR Director

“As a new mum I originally sought help because my bones were aching. At the second session, Mimi asked me how my bones had been and I realised that I hadn't experienced any aching since my first session - I hadn't even given it a second thought! After 3 or 4 sessions I felt so much more peaceful in my everyday life, like things were finally clicking into place. I recommend Mimi as a healer and will be wanting her to help me adjust to life back at work after my maternity leave.”

Milla, Producer

“I didn't really know what to expect but my fascination grew with each session. I feel more relaxed and my sleep is notably improved. An injured elbow was notably less swollen and more flexible after one session and was back to normal after two. During my sessions, a couple of difficult people from my past contacted me out of the blue and I was pleasantly surprised after working with Mimi that they just seemed to come and go from my life without the stress I had experienced in the past. Fascinating stuff! I will be continuing my healing”

Kent, Accountant